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We invite you to read and to download this e-edition of the two-volume set of books Upwind and Winning. Some 1,500 free copies of the physical books are for the sailing community in Singapore. The e-edition is for free download by athletes of any sport anywhere in the world, for sports officials and administrators, for anyone else who is interested. The books are about sailing, of course, but they are also about the physicality and the psyche of human endeavour. They detail a spellbinding journey from an age of innocence to a coming of age, from sailing nonentity to world titles and serious Olympic contention.

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Upwind and Winning is a gift from Ng Ser Miang, a sporting Singaporean who sails. He has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1998, has served as IOC vice president and heads IOC's Finance Commission. He was a vice president of ISAF, now known as World Sailing. At home, he is a member of the Singapore National Olympic Council, chairman of the Singapore Olympic Foundation and patron of the Singapore Sailing Federation.

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